Chauli ki Jali Mukteshwar Uttarakhand

Chauli ki Jali, which is also known as Chauthi Jali is one of the famous tourist spots,located behind the cliff of Mukteshwar temple. Chauli ki Jali is a very famous tourist place which is a paradise for all the adventurous souls in Mukteshwar.Many people come to this place for enjoying rock climbing. From the edge of the cliff present at Chauli ki Jali, you can watch picturesque views of the great Himalayan range and Kumaon valley. This place is quite peaceful and one can enjoy doing rock climbing here.

As per mythology, it is believed that a Goddess and Demon fought a battle in this place and there are trunk of an elephant, a shield and a faint outlines of a sword which stands as the testament of the battle. The evidence for the same can be seen in the form of a shield, a trunk of the elephant and outlines of a sword which are engraved at the site. The place is frequently thronged by tourist and devotees as it is believed that women are blessed with children if they touch these lattices.

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