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Goa Weather And Temperature, Best Month to Visit Goa

Goa can be traveled round the year.One can plan to visit Goa during off-season as the hotels and resort offers great deals and discounts.The peak season starts from November to January.Check weather forecast and temperature before traveling to Goa.The best season and month to visit Goa is between November to March.

Best Time And Month to Visit Goa

December is the best month to visit Goa during Christmas and New Year as tourists and celebrities from around the world visit Goa for the Christmas and New Year celebration.Although,Goa can be travelled round the year, the best time to visit Goa is between October to March when the weather is pleasant during this period.Restaurants,bars and shacks at beaches are open 24 hours during this seasons.The weather, at this time is at its mild and pleasant to enjoy yourself on beaches.

Weather Forecast And Temperature

Climate in Goa

Goa climate remains pleasant during November to February and hot and humid between march to october.May is the hottest month before monsoon due to high temperature and humidity.

Goa weather in December To March - Peak Season in Goa

Best time to visit Goa is between December to March.December and January is the peak season in Goa where prices of hotels and resorts are comparatively high.

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