Wildlife in Goa

The wildlife sanctuaries & national parks of Goa in India are not very vast or extensive compared to other wildlife sanctuaries & national parks in India. But Flora and fauna is well preserved in the sanctuaries of Goa. The wildlife sanctuaries in Goa are doing their best to preserve the wealth of the flora and fauna that they have. Lush green vegetation and absolutely natural surroundings make these sanctuaries a place that should not be missed while on your trip to Goa. Though Goa is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and nightlife, parties, seafood, a visit to these beautiful jungles is a must when you visit Goa.

The wildlife destinations of Goa are rich and varied. A number of wildlife sanctuaries have been set up in Goa. They serve as an ideal habitat for monkeys, deer, python, gaurs, cobras and Malayan giant squirrels. Tigers and Elephants can be seen commonly in these sanctuaries. Some of the main sanctuaries in Goa are:

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Goa Attraction

Goa is the most happening place to enjoy your vacations and holidays. Goa is the perfect beach holiday for many tourists is to laze under the sun on the picturesque and romantic beaches of Goa. The main attraction in Goa are Goa Beaches, water sports

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