Basheshwar Mahadev Temple Manali

Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.Also called as "Visveshvara Mahadev", this ancient temple is built in 8th century and is the largest of all the stone temples in Kullu.Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is famous for exquisite stone carvings, sculptures,flat shikharas.The outer surface of the temple is covered with the carvings.Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is located at village Bajaura in Kullu district on National Highway 21, about 4 kms from Bhuntar Airport and 15km from the town.

The temple enshrines a large idol of the 'Yoni Lingam' which represents Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, and his consort, Goddess Parvati.Small idols of Lord Vishnu, Laxmi and Ganesha are incorporated in shrines outside the temple. Three-sided shrines outside the temple contain idols of Goddess Durga, Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha.

Places To See in Manali

Gaurishankar Temple

The Gaurishankar Temple Manali is a small temple located in the village of Jagatsukha, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh.It is an ancient temple built during the 8th century in Shikhara style.

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple Manali is one of the major tourist places in Kullu Manali.The temple is surrounded by a cedar forest at the foot of the Himalayas.Hadimba temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba locally known as the Doongri Mata.

Manu Temple

Manu Temple Manali is situated in the old township of Manali just 3 kms away from the main market.The temple is dedicated to the Indian sage Manu, who is said to be the creator of the world and the writer of Manusmriti.


Jagatsukh Manali also known as former capital of Kullu is one of the biggest villages in Kullu.Famous for old temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Sandhya Gayatri,it is located 6 km south of Manali on the left bank of Beas river and 12 Kms from Naggar

Kothi - Kull Manali

Kothi Kullu Manali is a small village situated just 12 kms from Manali alongside Keylong Road, the Lahaul-Spiti-Leh highway and on the road to Rohtang pass.

Arjun Gufa

Arjun Gufa Kullu Manali is a known place in Manali and a major attraction for tourist. The Arjuna Gufa is linked to the legend of Mahabharata where one of the Pandav brothers Arjun had mediated and succeeded in acquiring the Pashupata Ashtra or the w
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