Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park Forest Guest Houses

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best and biggest national parks in India.Forest department has divided the park into five zones for the convenience of the tourist.All the zones provides the Forest Rest houses where tourist can stay and enjoy the wildlife and it's beauty.

Five Zones And Entry Gates

Zone Entry Gate
Jhirna Khara,Kalagarh
Dhikala Dhangari
Domunda Durgadevi
Bijrani Amadanda
Sonanadi Vatanvasa

Jim Corbett National Park Forest Guest Houses

Gairal Forest Rest house

Gairal Forest rest house is one of the favourite rest house in the park. It is located just above the Ramganga riverbank on the eastern border of the reserve forest with high hills in every direction.It has 6 rooms in the main building and 3 rooms as hutments. The main building has a amazing ambience with shaded verandah and proximity to the adjoining forest and watchtower. The rooms and toilets are well maintained. The huts are faciliated with only a room and two beds.The rooms above do not have attached toilets.Solar heated water is now provided at Gairal during the cold winters.Best location to spend evening and to watch the animals including elephants, tigers and the wildlife in the park.The riverbanks below Gairal are well frequented by huge flocks of black cormorants too. The main attraction is the short drive to watch the gharials and muggars at crocodile pool.

Sultan Forest Rest House

Sultan Forest Rest House is close to Dhangari main gate. It's barely a few yards away from the main road. There are only 2 rooms are available without solar fancy.It's not recommended to stay here as there is nothing much to do.

Sarapduli Forest Rest House

Sarapduli Forest Rest House is situated on the way of Dhangarhi to Dhikala towards the south of the Ramganga River. It is best centrally located forest rest house.It is nice place to see the crocodiles near the river and for bird watching.It is one of the best places in Corbett national park to track the wild animals like tiger, elephant and others.One can find a large pack of resident jackals, which keep moving about all day and night.There are two rooms to stay and one 4 bedded dormitory.

Khinanauli Forest Rest House

Khinanauli Forest Rest House is one of the newest forest rest house in corbett and accommodation is allowed to special guests such as higher level diplomats, ministers, politicians and higher rank officers in Indian government.The staff here are extremely warm and helpful.Rest house is centrally located in with respect to all the exciting spots in the park as river flowing by to the left and faces a huge grassland.This is the best location to to see the tigers and to track the other animals like leopard, elephants etc in the park.

Kanda Forest Rest House

Kanda Forest Rest House is located in the north most of the Corbett National Park. It is next to the Himalayas and approximately 1085 meters above mean sea level.The drive up to the rest house is adventurous and exciting one. While driving towards the rest house, one can find leopards and Himalayan black bears in the park easily as the population density are high in this area. The rest house is quite located atop a hill to itís north and single rooms offers spectacular views as they have been built just below the main rest house.

Malani Forest Rest House

Malani Forest Rest House is located in the centre of the jim corbett national park on the southern ridge closest to the core area of the jungle. This is a core area bound to any kind of intrusion from humans. Malani rest house is 12 kilometers northwest direction of Bijrani. This places is supposedly known as haven for tigers and other animals.It is a quite remote location and a excellent gateway.During summer, rest house offers a spectacular view as the grass on the bed of the stream is less and the flat land on the right.During the early morning time lots of animals can be seen near the rest house

Lohachaur Forest Rest House

Lohachaur Forest Rest House is located in the buffer area across the northern side of the northern ridge and on the banks of the Mandal river. One has to enter the Durga Devi gate to reach the rest house.Lohachaur offers a spectacular view of the river Mandal and Ramganga. Lohachaur Forest Rest House is opened all round the year but during the monsoon season, the access routes are uncomfortable as rains washes away the roads andthey are rebuild again around the end of november.

Corbett Machaan Resort

Corbett Suman Grand

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Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala Forest Lodge Jim Corbett - Forest department takes care of the dhikala forest Lodge and booking can be done through forest office at Ramnagar. It is the most preferable rest house for the tourist. Forest lodge is 30Kms from the Dhangri Entry

Bijrani Forest Rest House

Bijrani Forest Rest House is located in the core Bijrani Zone at Jim Corbett National Park. Amadanda gate is the entry gate for the Bijrani safari zone which is 1 km from Ramnagar town.It opens from 15th November to 30th June every year. During this

Jim Corbett National Park Animals

Corbett is famous for tiger conservation and other wild animals.Most frequent sighted animals are tigers, deer and asian elephants.There are around 700 Asian elephants in the park. Four different types of deer chital, Para or Hog deer.the best place

Bijrani Gate

Bijrani Gate Jim Corbett National Park - Amadanda gate is the entry gate for the Bijrani safari zone Jim Corbett National Park which is 1 km from Ramnagar town. Bijrani zone is 5 km from Amadanda gate and one has to take permission from the from the

Jim Corbett Safari Zone

Jim Corbett Safari Zone is divided into four Safari zone: - Dhikala Safari Zone,Bijrani Safari Zone,Durga Devi Safari Zone and Jhirna Safari Zone.These zones are special preserves for rare wild species.Wildlife Safari is the main adventure of this pa

Wildlife Safari

One of the best national park in India.Located in Uttarakhand.It is renowned wildlife sanctuary for the tiger conservation.One can enjoy a variety of Wildlife Safaris available to explore the wildlife sanctuary.One can hire Gypsy Safari, Elephant Saf

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