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The Church of St. Cajetan was originally known as Church of Our Lady of Divine Providence is located in Old Goa near the Se cathedral church. Church of St. Cajetan has been modeled on the primary design of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome and is architecturally Corinthian both internally and externally. The stunning altars are golden and are decorated with lovely carvings in the Baroque style. The Church building is constructed of laterite blocks and plastered with lime.

The architectural style of the temple is known all over the world and the major attraction of tourist who visit this place. Inside the church, one will find three altars on the left which are dedicated to the Holy family of Our Lady of Piety and St. Clare. Towards right, one can see the altars of St. John, St. Cajetan and St. Agnes are situated. On the right hand side of the church, the largest of the altars is dedicated to St Cajetan. There is an adorned wooden pulpit emerging from one of the piers. There is a well in the premises of the church that is very old. The presence of this well has made many historians to speculate that there was a Hindu temple at this site and the temple might have been destroyed during the time of invasion. Some others believe that the well was planned by the architect in order to provide stability to the structure.

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Other Churches in Goa

Churches in Goa

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St Paul Church Goa - Goa Churches.The St. Paul church was a very famous educational institution in India and was considered among the leading educational institutions here. Two priests, Diogo de Borba and Miguel Vaz started the Santa Fe confraternity

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